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Not to bring back nightmares of the SATs, but do you know where the word 'porcelain' is derived from?  It comes from old Italian porcellana - which means 'cowrie shell' as porcelain resembles the translucent surface of this shell.  Neato!  The beautiful whiteness of this ceramic material is hard to pass by; it quietly invites you closer to hold + admire.  Meg & Lucie of Etsy shop L and M Studio harness this natural quality of porcelain in their beautiful functional art pieces for the home.  Combining the skills of Meg as a functional potter + Lucie as a sculptor, they "opened L & M Studio in September 2011 to start a collaborative line of porcelain slip cast objects, focusing on containers and houses for living things, designed with the specific needs of the inhabitants in mind."  Any of Meg & Lucie's items with their organic shapes would be a simple joy to live with!  How can you resist?


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