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Summer is here + it's the perfect time slip into something comfortable, yet creative + fun.  Have you looked in your closet lately only to feel like you really want to wear "something different"?  Well, get that Goodwill bag out + let's make room for a new you!  That blouse that you've been holding onto for 2 years, yes - that one that has never seen the light of day.  Put it in the bag!  We're going to help you find items that you love so much that you'll want to be wearing them all the time - well, except for when they're in the wash!  If you're the type of gal who likes to dress with an elegant, yet funky edge you'll love meeting Kate of Etsy shop Kate Blossom.  Kate's shop is filled with 194 one of a kind, upcycled items that will give you a unique look to make your own.  Don't settle for clothing that just sits in your closet collecting dust.  Fill your closet + your soul with clothing that was made with your individual nature in mind!   

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