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This digital age that we live in has made documenting ones life so easy + quick.  Snap, snap, snap - you've captured images on your phone + you can scroll through them to show your friends.  Upload the images to Facebook + presto!   Everyone can see your new pictures, like them, comment on them + share them.  But let's slow down a bit + reflect on how the ease of digital has changed our way of relating + remembering those precious moments in life.  When was the last time you had your digital photographs printed?  When was the last time you took those photos + put them in a photo album?  But you remember looking through photo albums as a child + the joy you felt from this tactile experience - right?  Kandice of Kandice in Wonderland understands this need for having a place to store all those intimate stories of our life.  She specializes in creating one of a kind books, albums, journals and boxes - all places where one can record the intimate memories of living life.  Kandice's beautifully crafted works of useful art will inspire you to cherish each moment and document those memories that can be shared for years to come.  


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