An Introduction: Etsy Shop The Design Pallet

Wooden pallets - you've seen them before, right?  If you look at the bottom of a stack of compost at your local garden center you'll notice a wooden frame that's used pretty universally as a means for storing + moving items.  For many of us, the function of a wooden pallet ends there.  But for Bruce, the woodworker + designer behind Etsy shop The Design Pallet, it was the seed that started his business.  A humble wooden pallet found a new life through being repurposed into a potting bench + it gave Bruce the idea for his sustainable line of custom furniture.  With a focus on local + salvaged materials, Bruce continues this process of transforming lumber into beautifully crafted pieces of home decor + furniture.  "Some of our favorite projects have been built with lumber that would have otherwise been burned, chipped, or bound for a landfill. We give that wood a second life as a table, desk, bench or headboard. All our Home Decor items are made from the small cut offs from previous projects."  Modern + thoughtfully designed with the natural beauty of the wood in mind, we're sure you'll love bringing home any of Bruce's creations!

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  1. love your work! so glad you've joined us

  2. What gorgeous work! I love all these pieces.

  3. Thanks for the mention and kudos. Glad to be a part of it all. :)

  4. Fantastic addition to a fantastic team!
    welcome ; )

  5. Gorgeous shop! Welcome to the team!


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