An Introduction: Etsy Shop Blisscraft and Brazen

Look around you and count the different ways in which you live with wood in your home.  Wood flooring, trim, kitchen cabinets, dining room tables, serving utensils, chairs, bench, and so on.  We've become so accustomed to wood products in the home that it's easy to forget where this wood comes from.  You probably don't look at your entertainment unit + think of the trees swaying in the wind in the forest from which the wood was harvested.  Which is normal because wood has become such an integral part of our lives, but when you start to think about the origin of each board, you realize there is a larger story behind all your everyday wooden products.  Where did the wood come from and what process did it go through to become that one product that you now use in your home?  Interesting, isn't it?  That's why we love all the nature inspired and wooden products of Rachel + Aaron's Etsy shop Blisscraft and Brazen!  They use salvaged and eco-friendly materials in all their work thus providing us with an intimate link to not only the makers, but the source of the wood.  Rachel + Aaron are passionate about living in harmony with nature + in a way that leaves a small ecological footprint.  You'll feel this richness in their work + smile each time you use one of their handcrafted items in your home.  Now the tough part - deciding which one to buy!

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  1. so glad you have joined us !!! love your work

  2. So happy to have you on the team! I love your shop!!

  3. Wow these products are so beautiful and stunning photography!
    Welcome to the club Rachel and Aaron

  4. what a special shop ..beautifully introduced in this post ~~

  5. awesome product!
    love the photo ; )

    gunna be fun to treasure ; )

  6. Beautiful shop! Love the photos! Welcome!

  7. your photos and items are amazing!!


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