Modern Mom: Mother's Day + Etsy

It happen's every year. Some how every holiday seems to creep up on you and
then it's a last minute scramble to just find SOMETHING! We know how you feel, so we are sharing some of our personal picks over the next couple of weeks for Mother's Day.  Our job is to help make shopping on Etsy easier for you and we are showcasing some of the best talent around. Sit back and start shopping!

First up is MODERN. Modern best reflects my own personal style. The great thing is that modern can also be handmade. What could be a better gift to your mom than a one of kind amazing piece handcrafted by an artisan? 

How do you know if your Mom is modern? 
Take the modern Mom test below. 

Test for the Modern Mom:
1. Does she have subscriptions to more than one shelter magazine (Dwell, Elle Decor)?
2. She has furniture designed by Knoll, Bertoia, and Eames (or at least wishes she did)
3. She knows that jute, sisal and kilim are all types of rugs.

Did your Mom pass the modern test? No worries. You can't go wrong with any of these fresh + modern picks.

I hope I helped you find a special gift for your Mom or perhaps yourself!


  1. You guys are amazing!! The blog is beautiful and so well put together!! Cheers to all you Mamas too!

  2. This is a GORGEOUS blog! Thanks so much Amber and Nanako!

  3. Beautiful post - I love the items that you chose!

  4. Great picks Amber! I'm not a mom, but I'll take one of each too!

  5. great post, I want one of each!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Beautiful post, as always! Thank you!

  8. Great list! I'll take them all :)

  9. Fabulous selection! I'd like one of everything please.


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