Get out in the Garden: Part Two Etsy Spring Style

Yesterday was the Spring equinox or what we commonly call the official first day of Spring. When I think Spring my first thought always is gardening. I find gardening to be a very relaxing hobby.   I know not everyone likes getting dirt under their nails or pulling weeds and fertilizing, but the end results can be so rewarding.  I have personally been watching my mountain laurel on a daily basis just to check the bloom count. I know, probably a bit extreme for most of you. Fortunately though, you don't actually have to get out in the garden to enjoy it. Here are some more favorite garden picks you can enjoy inside your home, but hopefully they will get you inspired to plant something and watch it grow.

1. Cherry Blossom 10x10 art print by Amanda Rae K
2. Vintage Terra Cotta Garden Pots 5x7 art print by One December
3. Botanicial Studies, set of Six gelatin monoprints by 88 editions
4. Mini Air Plant Pods- set of Three by Sea and Asters
5. Happy Worm Ceramic Garden Marker by Karo Art


  1. love these picks! thanks for the inspiration

  2. I can't wait to get out in the garden :o) Great finds!

  3. Love this theme, it nearly makes me want to garden :)

  4. We planted peas, arugula, and swiss chard already! Plus, we've dug in a 1/2 yard of compost. So looking forward to things growing - love this post Amber - it's so inspiring!

  5. Such a beautiful collection for the garden!!

  6. Thank you, great selection, it really makes me think it's time to get my herb garden gowing and growing!

  7. This is wonderful - I just love this time of year! I've begun planting flowers but have yet to plant any fruits and veggies. I can't wait - maybe this weekend! :)

  8. Fantastic!
    In Texas we are finally getting real rain after a deep deep drought.
    Off to pull weeds! I couldn't be happier about it ; )

  9. Wonderful selections! I can't wait to get started planting!


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