Bohemian Spring Styles

Top Left Grandy Large Hobo Bag by Banyan Hippo
Right Folk Art Tunic by Woolbridge
Bottom Left Vintage 1940s Tropical Wedges by Fab Gabs

Our Bohemian spring picks from Etsy today speak to a relaxed look while still being stylish + hip.  It's late February, but many may find their hearts set on the coming of spring.  With the warmer weather comes a shedding of layers - for us here in Maine that would mean an end to wool sweathers + thick socks!  Let your limbs rejoice with lighter fabrics - this lively print tunic top by Woolbridge has a nice flow to the fit with an open boat neck scoop.  Pair this diagonal print with a solid gray, roomy shoulder bag from Banyan Hippo.  Just love the inside lined with a bright turquoise - sure to become an everyday favorite!  Slipping your bare feet into a pair of sandals is the ultimate signal of spring + these vintage wedges by Fab Gabs are sure to please!  With lovely details like embroidered yellow + red flowers with painted tropical scenes on the footbed, these vintage wedges in excellent condition will round out your Bohemian spring outfit! 

Free your spirit + jump into spring!


  1. wow- great look! searching for a new grey bag, off to check it out

  2. Awesome finds! Love the shoes! :)

  3. Those shoes are unbelievable!!! I'm so in love with them. Thank you for including my tunic :o)

  4. Beautiful finds! Thank you very much for including my work here.. :)


  5. Great pieces! Really excited for spring!

  6. My favorite too! Very Anthropologie - great post!


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