Start 2012 with a NEW Calendar!

Let's take a moment to examine the calendar hanging on your wall - what month does it read?  Are you still on December of 2011?   Don't sweat it, you're probably not alone!  Even though today is Januray 3rd of 2012, it's not too late to order + update that 2011 calendar.  And you don't want a crusty ol' calendar from your oil company, do you?  Didn't think so.  You're looking for something creative, unique + uplifting - something personal + meaningful.  Whether you want something small + intimate for your desk or something a little larger for the wall, we've gotcha covered!  Etsy is an amazingly vast marketplace for all things precious - so amazing that it's quite big + sometimes hard to find that perfect item you have in mind.   We make shopping on Etsy easy - why?  Because we're shop owners who know our way around so we can bring to you our favorite picks!  

So, take that old calendar down + let's get you headed in the right direction for 2012!

1.  Paris Mini Calender, set of four by littlebrownpen $14
2.  2012 Calendar - wall art by bookhouathome $20
3.  In Dreams, 5x7 surreal photo calendar by ellemoss $18
4.  Illustrated Wall Calendar by RetroMenagerie $18

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