Five Questions: Etsy Shop Zwzzy

Etsy is a great marketplace for vintage decor + clothing, but the question we always hear is, "We don't know where to start!"  It's true - there are a lot of options on Etsy, to be precise... 1,906,729 items under 'vintage' and 354,906 items under 'clothing'.  Might we suggest a better way to shop for vintage on Etsy?  Unless of course you're feeling really, really, really bored + want to look at 354,906 items!

We're finishing off the month with our Five Question series - today's focus is on Jen + her Etsy shop Zwzzy!  In step with her tag line "get cute in vintage", you'll find a shop filled with fun finds from as far back as the 40's all the way to the 70's.  Her shop has 324 items, but you won't get bored here!  Engaging photography alone will entertain you, but you'll be sure to find something you'll be smitten with!  

1. Why did you open an Etsy shop?
I originally opened after my best friend told me about this new, cool website that sells only handmade and vintage items. We were stoked on how much freedom we could have with wording, and be able to have set prices and whatnot. I was done with the 'bay, and Etsy came around just at the right time to continue to share my love of vintage. :)

2. What do you think makes your product unique?
With vintage, I think almost everything is unique in itself. :) I'm a sucker for anything flashy, loud and fun, so I think those items tend to project a fun store. I try to photograph in similar styles, and love a good prop. :)

3.  Describe your studio/creative space.
My photography set-up is actually all in my kitchen! Our garage is in renovation, and I hope to have my backdrop permanently set-up there soon. That'll be so much nicer than dragging the kitchen table across the room!

4. What are your goals for your Etsy shop in 2012?
My biggest goal is to definitely have more time. I also work a 32-hour job, and work at a non-commercial radio station, so it's sometimes a challenge diving my time between all 3. Vintage is a huge passion, and if I'm not at work, you can bet I'm doing something related to Zwzzy - estate sale-ing, cleaning, repairing, photographing, editing, listing. Whew!

5.  What does a day away from the studio look like?
I'm a huge fan of going to fun places like the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, or the SF Zoo, or my favorite - Sutro Bath ruins. I'll take a relaxing day at the beach anytime! If I'm not snoring on the beach, then you'll find me at the local roller rink at disco night! :D


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  2. Love your shop !!! It is not only filled with wonderful vintage clothing, it it just plain fun to browse. Great work :D

  3. As a long time admirer of your shop, it's great to read more about the gal behind it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great to learn more about you and your shop Jen!
    I've always been fascinated by the name zwzzy - any clue for us how it came about?

  5. Your shop is awesome Jen - Congrats on the feature!!!

  6. Congrats on the feature Jenn, I can't believe your images are taken in your kitchen! I always thought they were in a stidio

  7. I love your shop, Jenzy! Your photos perfectly capture your sense of fun! :D

  8. Gorgeous shop! I love the photos! : )


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