Recent Trends: Get Cozy on Etsy

It's Fall and although some of us may miss the warmer days of Summer, I am all for embracing the cooler days ahead.  Just remember these three trending C's for this season: Cozy + Comfort + Coffee ( or tea ).  As a team we can meet all your needs for this season with fresh roasted coffee from Alaska, wool knits from the UK and sweet smelling soap from Arizona.  So grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and start shopping!

Etsy Fresh Style: Vol. 1 Issue One

1. Chunky Cowl $68 Woolbridge
2. Handmade and all Natural Coffee Soap $5 Sweet Pine Soaps
3. Vintage Copper Teapot $59 Little Shop of Photos
4. 1/2 lb Coffee Whole Roasted Beans $6.50 Homesteading Roasters
5. Fairisle Folk Cowl $68 Knit Frekkles
6. Cutting Board in Spalted Maple $40 Gray Works Design
7. Merveilleux 8x10 Photography Print $30 Little Brown Pen


  1. this is wonderful, love the look!

  2. De-lovely and cozy! Thanks so much!


  3. love this!! I may need that scarf

  4. So lovely!!!!!! I can smell the coffe!!

  5. Gorgeous collection with lovely colour tones...and those meringues are making me hungry :)

  6. Ahhh! It's raining here and these are perfect. ;)

  7. So happy to be getting into the cozier time of year, wonderful post! :)

  8. Nothing like snuggling up with a mug of hot drink in October. Mmm.

  9. So fun! Great picks for maximum coziness :) Thanks for featuring my coffee soap!

  10. Mmmmm! I do love coffee and coziness :o) Thank you for featuring our cowl :o)

  11. what an incredible ackomplishisment

    so impressed

    many tanks
    Kelly aka 88editions


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