An Enduring Trend: Loving Lace!

It could be the history of lace that dates back to the 15th century when it was a highly coveted luxury affordable only to the upper class of society that gives it a sumptuous allure.  No doubt, lace speaks to the rich culture of feminine beauty and the appeal of lace has endured the test of time - just think, how does lace make you feel?  From elegant to sexy, lace speaks to the many layers of being a modern day woman.   We've made it easy for you to connect with this latest trend on Etsy by hand selecting some home decor and fashion finds!  Wear the rich patterns of lace as an accent or experience the textures of lace in a vintage blouse.  Add a touch of feminine charm to your home with an accent pillow or table setting napkin ring.   Let the multi-dimensions of old world lace charm you with her modern styles! 

Etsy Fresh Style Vol. 1 Issue 2
1.  vintage lace and pearl headband $22 SevenWhiteRabbits
2.  lace napkin rings - set of four $20 frenchfelt
3.  vintage linen pillow cover with lace $58 bylina
4.  black lace pendant $26 lunarbelle
5.  vintage 1960's vineyard blouse $38 Thrush
6.  lace impression porcelain ring $15 StudioBytheForest 

Was 'romantic' one of the feelings that came to mind?  Delicate, soft and oh yes, romantic - lace and weddings go hand in hand.  But don't let the long history of lace make you feel outdated - lace is no longer the mothball scented garment hanging in your grandmother's closet!  Lace is enjoying a revival and women are once again recognizing the stunning patterns and look of lace. We have your Etsy good luck wedding tokens covered!  Make this day a memorable one by inviting the lovely lines of lace to your wedding day. 

We love lace!  Do you?  

Etsy Fresh Style Vol. 1 Issue 2
7.  lace bird paper cut card $8 MimimiCards
8.  vintage 1930's wedding dress $1100 FabGabs
9.  bridal clutch $55 mamableudesigns
10. vintage lace trim $55 kaftansarafan
11.  felt and lace mittens $38 baymut
12. vintage lace and pearl wedding gown sash or headband $72 BeSomethingNew


  1. What a beautiful post! Thank
    you. I am definitely a lace addict:)

  2. Wonderful coverage!
    Adding lace especially if it's old and handmade to a garment or any item is making them unique and full of character..

  3. Wow! so cool finds! thank you for fearuting=)

  4. beautiful blog post!! thank you for featuring my clutch bag!!

  5. Beautiful collection, I love lace. Thanks for featuring my headband

  6. Gorgeous post - I love lace as well - so beautiful!!!


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