An Elite 16 Welcome: Etsy Shop Naked Elements

Welcome Cecilia! In her shop, Naked Elements, you can find  her handmade and all natural cosmetics. She uses organic ingredients + many are vegan friendly as well. Her current line contains eyeshadow, blush, primer and eyeliner.  If you aren't sure of what color you want she even offers sample sizes.  All of her products are named after  fruits + vegetables and nuts + berries.  We are happy to have her on the team!

Current Shop Favorites:
1. Natural + Organic + Vegan Primer $15
2. Coffee Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow $6
3. Blue Quandong Vegan Mineral Eyeliner $12
4. Sample- Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow $1


  1. these are absolutely gorgeous photos!! welcome to our team!

  2. Welcome - love your shop! Your product shots are awesome!

  3. Love the way you stage your items, Cecilia! Great to have you on board!

  4. Very lovely shop!

    Glad to be working with you!

  5. Welcome, Cecilia!
    I love your shop, and your way of showing the eye makeup in the photos is really maginative..


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