Fall Preview: A Chill in the Air and Pinterest Style Makers

Some of you may be enjoying some cooler weather as all signs point to Fall on the horizon. That chill in the air can be so inspiring as it brings many of us outside once again.  This is my favorite time of year and it's also my favorite time to shop. Whether you are looking for some layers to keep you warm or a new accent color for your table top, Fall is a prime time for shopping.  

As a team, we curate pin boards on Pinterest that contain new and fresh items from the Elite 16. Each month a different member takes over the role as team stylist.  This month's curator is Bonnie of bonnbonn. Her pinboard, Chill in the Air, inspired the collection above.

We also wanted to highlight some other team style makers. These people like to pin and each one of them has over 100 pins! Go check out their boards and see if you can get some Fall shopping done and remember to FOLLOW them if you like their style. 

Warning: If you aren't already on Pinterest, you might just become addicted, so watch out!

Team Pinterest links:



  1. The chill is definitely coming my way! Supposed to be 48 degrees here in Michigan on Thursday! Thanks for featuring my pendant :)

  2. 48 degrees? I cannot imagine such a thing! It's chillier down here in North Carolina by the day, but that is still in the 60-70 range. A very slow descent into Fall. These lovely items perfectly capture the transition! Thank you for including my porcelain platters!

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  4. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love changing over my wardrobe, wearing warm layers, turning on my remote-controlled fireplace! A lovely collection, excited to be included!

  5. Wishing for a little bit of chill here down in Florida,love the colors on this collection and thanks for including my umbrella stand:)


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