An Elite 16 Welcome: Francesca Lancisi

Francesca Lancisi is based out of Florence, Italy where she lives with her family.  We were drawn to her lovely fluid shapes and marks - simple, yet full of emotion.  Francesca is inspired by the natural and organic elements that surround her, translating patterns and marks into her work.  Her shop FrancescaLancisi just opened this summer and features her original works of art and printed greeting cards.   Please give a warm Elite 16 Welcome to Francesca!

Current Shop Favorites:
1.  greeting card from original watercolor, set of 8  $31
2.  original watercolor and abstract drawing on paper, N3  $38
3.  original watercolor and abstract drawing on paper, N8  $38
4.  original watercolor and abstract drawing on paper, N7  $38


  1. Welcome, Francesca! Such beautiful colour!

  2. Hi Francesca!
    Beautiful work, lovely color sense too.
    I am jealous that you live in Florence - one of my favorite places in the world.


  3. Love the movement and flow in your work Francesca! Welcome to the team!!

  4. What an enchanting feature - your work is simply beautiful!

  5. Welcome Francesca! Love your colours! :)

  6. Thank you so much for your gentle words,
    I'm glad to be part of the Elite 16! :)

    And Pat, you are right, Florence is so beautiful in september!


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