Our August Elite16 Etsy Style Guide Challenge

Each month, we gather here on the blog to have a little adventure into the world of Etsy.  If you've recently tried finding an item using the search feature on Etsy, you will already know that searching through 382,588 results is far from fun.  Yes - Etsy is a crowded place.  That's why you need to hang out with us more!  Especially during our monthly Style Guide Challenge where our team of curators get together to share their favorites with you.  How??  Well - we use a tool on Etsy which allows us to showcase 16 of our favorite items together in a mini visual shopping guide.  Sound super nifty?  It's literally like having a personal Etsy shopping guide to walk you through the crowd and direct you straight to some quality shops.  To add a twist, we always have a theme.  This month, we're going to help you get geared up for going back to school with our theme Get Back!

Ready to start shopping?  You can see our whole collection and have fun browsing our beautiful collections!

top   extra large infinity scarf in ivory   |||   seven white rabbits
left   worthy bag in olive grey   |||   bayan hippo
right   nautical zip purse   |||   squid whale designs 

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