Dorm Decor 101 || Style your Space

Did you know you could furnish your whole dorm room or college apartment all from Etsy? It's pretty amazing and what's even more exciting is how unique you can make it. When I headed off to college we went to a big box store where all the generic dorm items are readily available, but can be a tad bit boring.  I remember quite a few of us having very similar items because that's just what there was to choose from for college furnishings. You have to remember this was at the start of the internet and Etsy did not yet exist. How lucky are we now?  Not only can you furnish the coolest dorm ever, but all these items would look perfect in your first place after college, too.  Going back to school may not be that fun, but shopping for it can be an adventure!

Dorm Decor 101:

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  1. Love your picks, Amber! I wish Etsy was around when I was heading off to college! Thank you for including our wall organizer :D


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