Nautical Decor with Pillows!

With full blown summer just on the horizon, let's take a look at how you can invite in the sunny vibes of a day at the beach into your home decor!  I've chosen to highlight some pillows as I think they're always a great choice for adding seasonal flair to your interior decor.  Switching out your pillows to match the seasons is such a fun way to keep your home environment in sync with the changing moods of nature.  Summer and beach go hand in hand - so my 5 selections today focus on a nautical theme.  Each one can stand alone, but try mixing and matching for a really dynamic look!

Let me know - which one is your fav?

top left             20" Colorblock Pillow || Jillian Rene Decor
top right           Nautical Anchor Pillow || Paris Marketplace
middle             Luxury Lacey Stitch Pillow || Knit Frekkles
bottom left       Mermaid Pillow on Linen || roddy & ginger
bottom right     Sail Pillow - Blue Number 4 || reiter8

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous choices! Thanks so much for including our Color Block Pillow! I just love the sail and lacey stitch pillows too!


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