Lovely in Linen

I've recently discovered the elegance of linen and I've fallen in love with this gorgeous textile made from the flax plant.  You can literally feel the earthy goodness woven into the fibers and I love the way linen feels in your hand.  Here's just a very small sampling of the many beautiful handmade linen items you'll find on Etsy.  I've selected 5 items in a limited color palette to accentuate the natural feel of linen. You can enjoy linen in your home decor or in your clothing and accessories - it's so versatile and yet never loses it's natural beauty!  By combining the labor intensive manufacturing process of linen with the love and care of a handmade product, the energy of these items is sure to be very special!

1.  Linen and Vintage Kimono Pillow Cover ||  Project Sarafan
2.  Hand Painted Eucalyptus Linen Towel || Les Miniboux
3.  Vintage French Lace Linen Scarf || French Felt
4.  Navy Blue Linen Tote Bag || Independent Reign
5.  Linen Sparrow Dress || Anny Schoo Eco Clothing

1 comment:

  1. Nanako, I love your natural linen finds! Thank you for including my lace scarf in this pretty collection!


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