Etsy Birthday Gifts for Mom!

1. Lavender Purple Czech Glass Beaded Earrings by Lunarbelle
2. Silk Travel Scarf by By Cinne Worthington
3. Laminated Cotton Zipper Pouch by oktak
4. Raspberry Vanilla Handmade Soap by Blushie

Today is my mom's birthday and so I thought I'd put together a list of items inspired by what my mom would enjoy.  Earrings are always a hit and since purple is my mom's favorite color, I picked out these lavender purple czech glass bead earrings by Regina of Lunarbelle - just the right shade of purple!  Since my mom likes to travel a lot, giving a light and easy to pack gift will insure that it gets used and enjoyed often.  That's why I love the silk scarf by Cinne of By Cinne Worthington - not only is it travel friendly, but it's simply gorgeous!  Now, zipper pouches would make anybody smile as they're so great for organizing a variety of items.  My mom and I both have a collection of pouches for almost every occasion.  Aki of oktak has such a shop full of colorful and cute purses and pouches - I selected this zipper pouch for the retro style fabric and bold colors.  And finally, my mom always loves to have a selection of handmade soap on hand - some for the guest bathroom, some for herself.  I know she'd love the scent combo of raspberry and vanilla in this vegan friendly soap by Megan of Blushie.  Sounds delicious!

What would your mom enjoy for her birthday?



  1. Oh my mom would definitely love the scarf! They are all wonderful gift ideas - so happy to be included here. Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous selections, honored to be included!:)

  3. I always preferred to purchased expensive items as gift

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