An Introduction: Etsy Shop Vitrified Studio

You may not believe it when we tell you that May is upon us - like 'next week' upon us.  And before you know it, it will be full out summer.  It's true that with summer comes something called mosquitos + record heat, but eeeeek - back up baby!  We want to focus on the fun stuff.  And that can only mean one thing - summer parties!!  You're ready for it, aren't you?  Gas up the grill, get those citronella candles out, invite your friends over + don't forget to make the black bean mango salsa!  There's nothing like summer entertaining, so let's make it special this year.  What are you going to serve the chips and deluxe homemade salsa in?  No - that retro bowl that your grandmother gave you just won't do anymore.  It's time to upgrade.  Don't know where to turn?  Meet Shelley of Etsy shop Vitrified Studio.   Now - a little warning.  After you see all beautifully crafted ceramics coming from her studio, you're going to want to upgrade more than your just your serving vessels!  We're thinking serving tray for chips + nesting bowl for salsa - WOW! Give your guests ample reason to remember both your delicious homemade salsa + your impecable taste in modern housewares.  And if you really want to impress your guests, read Shelley's Etsy Blog Feature so you can tell them all about the artist behind your gorgeous new pieces.   Here's to rockin' the summer parties this year!
Etsy Shop:


  1. I LOVE Shelley's ceramics they are gorgeous!
    Welcome to E16!

  2. what a beautiful shop! so glad you've joined us.

  3. Your ceramics and your shop are beautiful! And congratulations of being etsy's featured seller this week. Wishing you huge success with that!!

  4. thanks for the post!!! elite sixteen is the best team!

  5. Gorgeous products, welcome Vetrified Studio!

  6. My best welcome to this wonderful shop!


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