Five Questions: Etsy Shop Kaftan Sarafan

Do you love the look of vintage home decor?  Maybe you're a weekend flea market adventurer or maybe you like to browse online.  Etsy is home to not only handmade items, but vintage as well.  Yet finding a shop with a well curated collection can be difficult if you don't know where to turn.  Search 'home decor' under 'vintage' on Etsy and you'll get 263, 558 returns + unless you're really bored, that's clearly not the way to go!

Welcome our Five Questions series where we highlight some of our favorite shops on Etsy.  We've combed through all the different choices for vintage home decor on Etsy and today we'd like to introduce you to Irina's Etsy shop Kaftan Sarafan.  You'll come to love Irina's inviting sense of style + look forward to what's new in her shop.  We especially love her eye catching recycled one-of-a-kind pillows + hope you'll find something you love as well!  Thank you Irina for sharing with us today!  

1. Why did you open an Etsy shop?
An artistic friend of mine sent me a link to Etsy around two years ago when I first began making things which met with her artistic approval. I had made my first few embroideries and recycled vintage pillow covers. So I spent quite some time reading Etsy featured seller articles (which I found very convincing and encouraging), browsing the shops, trying to get the feel of the site until one day I thought, why not, and I opened KaftanSarafan where I first listed around 10 items. It was super easy. I was amazed when my first sale took place shortly after I listed the item. I had never sold anything in my life.

Golden Bamboo, set of two pillow cushions

2. What do you think makes your product unique? 
I don’t consider anything I do particularly unique. Clearly no one is free from outside influences but one’s work may debatably be considered unique when these many many influences soaked by us throughout our life time are reworked in a manner which seems unprecedented. It’s been said many times before but remains true, it has to come from the heart to be good. I would not sell anything that I find plain, common or uninteresting. That’s why more often than not I find it difficult to part with my vintage finds! The same approach applies to my handmade items, the pillow covers, kaftans, scarves or embroideries. I collect fabrics but will only use them when I see a perfect product for the fabrics to be used in. 

 3. Describe your studio / creative space.  
I work at home and have taken over our dining room which is my studio/office space and utility room which is my storage space cum packing station.

4. What are your goals for your Etsy shop in 2012?

As sales are picking up at KaftanSarafan I will continue my search for unique and beautiful vintage items. I also plan to develop my handmade shop where I will sell limited edition embroideries and accessories (scarves, bags, brooches), etc.

5. What does a day away from the studio look like?

There isn’t a day when I am away from the studio completely, only if I am out of the country. I spend weekends with my little family, my husband and my daughter. We either relax at home or make trips to places we like in Dublin and vicinity, the parks, forests, the beach, the farmer’s markets.


  1. Irina's shop is to die for! The vintage finds, the embroidery--all served up in perfect products shots. I can't get enough! She is my go to shop for treasury inspiration. ; )

  2. Great article. Love your shop, Irina!

  3. Thank you for your kind words, ladies!

  4. Irina, you really have a great shop! : )


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