Five Questions: Etsy Shop French Felt

Etsy is an international community - with sellers + buyers from all over the world.  International shop owners bring a flair to their offering that is uniquely rooted in their culture.   Elena of Etsy shop FrenchFelt  is located in Normandy, France - one immediately feels the romance of France upon entering her Etsy shop.  With our 5 questions, we're uncovering a small portion of not only Elena's life there, but we also get a gentle fragrance of France.  We hope you enjoy our first international feature in our Five Questions series!

1. Why did you open an Etsy shop?
My actual job is seasonal – I work many hours during the high season as guide of the bay of Mont Saint Michel and in the low season I get to focus my time on something special :) So, a few years ago all my friends were already happy owners of my creations. One day a friend of mine told me that she had just opened a shop on Etsy and started to sell.  So I told to myself – why not? I can try too!

2. What do you think makes your product unique?
I like making things that are one of a kind, as I consider that handmade piece must be unique and contain a part of yourself.  It's so amazing when people receive your creation at the other side of the world and this makes them a little bit more happy:)

Nuno Felted White Lace Scarf

3. Describe your studio/creative space.
I don't have a particular studio for everything as my occupations are rather various. Some pieces of my jewelry I make in my small and full of light atelier at mansard of my house. For felting I go down to the basement as I need a lot of space. I like to take photos outdoors on the terrace in my garden. I love the natural lighting and the sun here in Normandy - it is so delicate and makes the pictures so smooth.  I now understand how Claude Monet drew from nature as is, without any flatter! :)

4. What are your goals for your Etsy shop in 2012?
I don't know yet at the present moment.  One thing I know for sure - Etsy is a real drug and we cannot give it over easily :) I think I will try to diversify my collections a little bit more to satisfy more tastes.

5. What does a day away from the studio look like?
It depends on the weather and the season. We like to take walks with my small family at the beach or on the cliffs of the seashore. Sometimes we take a long journey to discover the country. France is so very different – every region has it's own charm and speciality. There is always something to find and admire! And I'm also flea-market addict as there you can find a lot of old and beautiful things with a soul and a story behind them.


  1. Elena, may I com visit you?
    Love your work and it is nice to know more about your life in France ; )

  2. Thank you, ladies, for this great possibility to be featured here!

  3. I love these blog postings! It is great to get to know my fellow team members. Thanks for sharing Elena!

  4. I have visited Mont Saint Michel before, it would be amazing to live there!
    Congrats on the lovely feature Elena!

  5. These features are a great idea! I won't be able to look at your shop without thinking of the wonderful place they come from. Thank you for sharing, Elena!

  6. Wonderful interview! Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. Congrats Elena! You know how much I love your shops!!
    Your items are so beautiful and the photos are amazing.
    It's so nice to read about the person behind the items - thanks for these blog posts.

  8. Absolutely beautiful, Elena - thanks so much for sharing!


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