Autumnal Equinox, Goodbye to Summer

September 22nd 2013 marks the official beginning of Autumn. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you'll notice that the sunrise is later and the sunset is earlier. You might even notice notice that the arc of the sun has shifted a bit to the south. Birds and butterflies begin migrating south as well, following the path of the sun.

In this time of year we celebrate the warm colors, the oranges, reds, and golds that remind us of the warmth of the sun as the days and nights are tinged with a nip of frost.  Our talented team of curators at Elitesixteen  has been hard at work creating beautiful autumnal themed shopping guides to help you bring a touch of the season into your wardrobe and home.

1.  empty dock photography by semisweetstudios
2. fall harvest marble coasters by onedecember
3. color block pillow set by jillianrenedecor

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