Etsy Summer :: Geometric Jewels

Geometrics are a year round favorite for me.  Since it's still summer and I have yet to pull out anything closely related to wool - I am all about getting some new jewelry to wear!  Summer is pretty much the quintessential time to show off some new jewels on that bare skin.  Hopefully, not real pale skin - you do want to have some color to offset the pasty whiteness of winter.  I've put together some of my Etsy jewelry favorites with a focus on geometric shapes.  I would be quite happy with any of these beautiful handmade items, but most happy if I had them all!

Which one tops off your list of favs?

top left  Wood Nugget Geometric Necklace  ||  Mmim
top right  Mint Macrame Bubbles Ring Bracelet  ||  La Chica de los Anillos
bottom left  Geometric Triangle Stamp Necklace  ||  A Quiet Curiosity
bottom right  Faceted Geometric Ring Set  ||  O bliss jewelry

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