Ready to go GEOmetric this summer?

Geometric designs are a year round favorite for me.  There's no seasonal limit to when you can enjoy these fun shapes, patterns and designs.  Summer just seems to bring out the playful side of geometrics and you can really get away with mixing it up!  Are you bold enough to step outside of the solid colors and have a little fun?  I'm always up for FUN!  As you may already know, I'm a big fan of layering and I don't shy away from combining squares up against circles and triangles.  Why not?  My summer geometric favs today follow a very lose color scheme and really push the mixing and matching idea!

What do you think?

ONE         Geometric Market Tote || Geometric Electric
TWO        Geometric Wood Necklace \\ Mmim   
THREE    Modern iPhone 5 Case || Red Tile Studio
FOUR      Circle Coin Purse \\ oktak


  1. Geometrics are perfect for Summer. Love them all! Thanks!

  2. Great picks - thank you for including my purse. Would love to have all of the rest!


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