The Keys to Success || The Story of Mmim

Brooke and a selection of frames from her shop

1. When and why did you choose to open an online shop on Etsy?

 I opened my shop 3 years ago. I first opened a shop with my 2 sisters and Mom (Mom's idea) to sell our mix of handmade items. We all did our own thing and thought it would be nice to combine them all and open a shop. As time went on it was difficult to juggle family, work and other parts of life. In the end, I opened my own shop and named it MMIM. Etsy opened up a whole new world for me! I was a single Mom working 2 other jobs at the time and working so hard to find my niche in the ever growing world of Etsy! It has truly been a blessing for me and my family. I now work on my Etsy shop as a full time job!

Brooke in the process of creating a wood bank

2. What got you started in your craft?

 I tried many different little things in my Etsy shop. It did take some time to find my niche and set my craft apart from so many awesome Etsy artists!     
I wanted to create something that was unique, fun, HANDMADE, and affordable. In my shop you will find a little something for everyone. From a small pill box for everyday use to wedding ring boxes and wool felt baskets. My frames seem to be my customers favorite though. With SO many different styles to choose from, it is not hard to find the perfect one for a baby shower gift or a cute Halloween frame to decorate your home.

bright + colorful frames available at Mmim

3. Who or what influences your style the most?

My kids...... I wish I had these fun prints and designs to decorate their rooms with when they were little! I remember when my boys were smaller how hard it was to find something that suited their different personalities and was still cute! I think that is why I have so many little boy things like space ships, robots and baseballs. The girls inspire my colorful side! I love bright colors and bold prints. Something that will put a smile on your face and brighten your day!
I am inspired by other artists!! That goes without saying. :) 
I am so amazed by all of the wonderful artists and crafters here on Etsy. They inspire me to keep creating new things. To stay up on the trends and to be a part of this creative community gives me such an accomplished feeling. I could keep going but I won't.....

a necklace, bank and designs

4. How do you stay focused and motivated?

New style, trends, designs, seasons. Other artists, my family, my love for the craft and definitely the customers. The world of Etsy is always changing. I swear just when I start getting "bored" of one thing there is a new "HOT THING" happening and I have to stay on board. The competitiveness keeps me motivated. I enjoy it......

Brooke- owner of Mmim

5. What would be your insight on "Keys to Success on Etsy"? insight on "keys to success"...
Love what you are doing!!!! If you love what you are doing and you are excited about your product I think that shows through to your work. 
I have tried many different things. Many things that I thought would be "the next big thing" and then they would flop. :( 
I'd get frustrated and think maybe I should just get a desk job....
So I would say DON'T GIVE UP!!! Always keep trying at times you will fail but then you may just come up with something that nobody else has done or your own way of doing it that will make your product unique! 

Mmim Important Information:
Brooke is the owner, maker, designer, curator and photographer for Mmim
Founded: January 24th, 2010
Her other Etsy Shop: Mmim Designs


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