Etsy Shop Introduction: Assaf Pelleg

left  Exotic Summer Dress
bottom  Oversized Summer Shirt
right  Pastel Summer Dress 

What are you wearing this summer?  If you're serious about looking amazing under the hot sun and are looking for something that is unique and defines your style - then it is a must that you check out Assaf's Etsy shop Assaf Pelleg!  Assaf is a fashion designer based out of Israel who's work is like sculpted fabric that is shaped and tailored to fit just right.  Assaf started his signature line back in 2004 and his style has always been defined by designs that were "clean and crisp, yet feminine - giving a sophisticated and refined look that was entirely new".

left Red Coral Summer Tshirt
right  Lace Dress in Black 

Each piece is handmade with attention to detail using "subtle fabric and color combinations, geometric elements, figure-flattering lines and dynamic, flow fabrics which give any woman a young, vibrant look".  What woman wouldn't like to add a little of that to their summer wardrobe this year?  Feminine and hip - reboot your summer look with Assaf's finely crafted line of women's clothing!

I've got my eye on that beautiful black lace dress!  What about you?

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