Spring Fling Etsy Style!

1.  Spring Bright Green and White Mini Mod Dress by found it great
2.  Purple Velvet Women's Dress by Broken Ghost Clothing
3.  Purple Prom Dress by Assaf Pelleg
4.  1960s Tea Party Dress by zwzzy

I'm excited to announce that the last of the snow in the yard has finally melted!  Yippee!  Looks like we're headed in the direction of some smooth sailing for warmer weather.  I say it's time to get a vitamin D treatment by showing some skin!  I love wearing dresses and have an eclectic style that is pretty flexible - I can sing along with solid color blocking, funky, vintage cute or with bold patterns.  I picked out the above 4 dresses each for their own unique personality.  I can see myself wearing each one depending on my mood!

Which one fits your style?

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