Get Your Gardens Ready!

top left  Ceramic Herb Markers by Orly Design
top right  Chalkboard Paint Terra Cotta Pots by One December
bottom left  Vintage Toy Gardening Tools by Artma Vintage
bottom right  Organic Chive Seeds by cubits

Here comes the summer gardening season and starting your seeds inside is a great way to jump start the growing season.  Each year I start many of my garden vegetables and herbs in the house because summers here in Maine are so short.  We don't have the luxury with all seeds to just drop one in the ground and let it grow!  Herbs are a great place to start if you've never had a garden before.  You can prepare a small patch of ground outside or if you live in the city, you can even have an indoor garden!  I've picked out 4 items to help get you inspired!

What are you going to be growing this year?

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