This Spring, Go Bold!

1.  Slate Satin Stripe Cocktail Dress by Alexandra King Design
2.  Oblong Silk Scarf in Skyscraper Stripes by By Cinne Worthington 
3.  Modern Triangles iPhone Case by Red Tile Studio
4.  Shoulder Bag Stripe Tote by milloo

Spring is a time of renewal, but also a time to clean out the closet and make room for the new!  This spring, I'm looking to bold patterns and loving the idea of mixing and matching.  I already lean towards wearing bright colors; some with patterns, some solid.  The idea of being really free with how I combine and layer different patterns is quite intriguing and I thought I'd start with creating this virtual outfit!  I've unified the above 4 items using color so that the eye doesn't go completely hay wire and creates a cohesive look.  Different scales of gray are punctuated with warm mustard yellow, black, pink and purple tones for a very cosmopolitan look.  

Share your thoughts - do you think this outfit works?  Share it on Pinterest if you're ready to go bold this spring!  Just hover over the image to pin!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for featuring my iPhone case in this fun + bold outfit. Love it all together.


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