Color Focus | Floral Patterns in Purple ( or perhaps Red Bud)

The beginning of Spring to me always starts with those first blooms on our red bud trees. That hot pink- fuchsia- purple color that bursts forth around mid February means Spring has begun.  I started to post this as a floral pattern roundup and then realized that all the flowers I had picked out reminded of the colors on the red bud tree. I guess it only makes sense as spring is officially only two weeks away + floral pattern is hot right now. Don't these shades of purple and pink make you excited about a fresh new season? Let the garden lounging begin!

Color Focus Favorites:
1.  Retro Dress 1940's Floral || Let's Backtrack
2.  Hellebore Flower Photograph || Pure Nature Photos
3.  Silk Scarf || By Cinne Worthington
4.  Spring Clutch || Mama Bleu Designs
5.  Green Dress || Assaf Pelleg


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