Personalize Your Valentine's Day Gift!

1. Love Heart Hand Carved Rubber Stamp by talk to the sun
2. Heart Stamp with Initials by Happy Rainy Day
3.  Hand Carved Circle Heart Set by creatiate
4. I Love You Stamp by Perrodin Supply Co

We're moving into the final phase of Valentine's Day gift buying and we've been covering different Etsy gift ideas for about a month, starting with our Valentine's Day special issuu catalog.  I'm going to assume that you've purchased your gift and have it hidden away, tucked underneath the mattress.  So today, I'm turning my attention to personalizing your packaging with stamps.  I don't know about you, but I love stamping!  I've selected 4 rubber stamps from some of my favorite shops on Etsy to help you add that finishing touch to your gift.  You could use any of these to design your own card or create a hang tag, create your own wrapping paper or stamp away on some adhesive labels to make some super cute stickers!  (I'm picturing some round stickers...)  Oooh, this is starting to sound like a lot of fun!  This Valentine's Day, get crafty and add that extra special touch to your gift for your sweetie.


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