Announcing Our Monthly Elite16 Giveaways!

Want to know the best part of the new year?  It's new!  A fresh start, an opportunity to change things up, try a different angle, and make positive changes.  Here at Elite16, we're going to add "fun" to the list because we've got some really cool plans for this new year that will involve some good ol' fashion f.u.n!  We're so excited to announce our monthly Elite16 Giveaways and we're grateful for the shop owners who have generously offered to participate in our monthly event.  On the 7th of each month, a different shop will offer an item to giveaway and we'll be incorporating some cool ideas to help promote each one - curious?  Good, because it's going to be... fun!  First one starts in one week!

Our goal in 2013 remains the same - to help you find quality shops on Etsy by taking you behind the scenes to some of our favorite shops.  Amber of Red Tile Studio and I, Nanako of Pig and Fish, share our daily picks here on the blog, on Pinterest and on our Facebook page - so if you want to rediscover Etsy, be sure to follow us!  We also work with a team of hand selected Etsy shop owners who curate theme based gift guides to make shopping a visual treat and a breeze!  We host a Style Guide Challenge on the 16th - 17th of each month where our team's curating talents are showcased, so stay tuned for that monthly event as well.   We have so many exciting new events to share that we're just bursting!

Happy New Year!  May 2013 be filled with all the goodies life has in store for you!


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