Winter in White - I think!

1. Handmade White Lampshade by Filigree Creations
2. White Lace Necklace by branchbound
3. White Wool Felted Scarf by Baymut
4. White Little Bubbles Ring in Sterling Silver by La Chica des los Anillos
5. White and Silver Paper Mache Vessel by etco

It's December 13th and the ground is covered with lots of brown leaves with naked trees staring down at the landscape below, but where's all the white stuff?  You know...  snow!  There's no snow here in Maine and I feel that I'd like at least a little snow to help put me in the holiday spirit.  One doesn't associate winter with white for no reason after all, right?  So - to cure my no-snow winter blues, I put together some beautiful white items from Etsy.  My whole collection can be viewed here.  Maybe you don't live in an area that typically gets snow in the winter, but for those that do - are you staring at a brown carpet of leaves out there or do you have some white, fluffy pretty flakes of snow?  Granted, once it does start snowing I'll be ready for spring - but for now... dare I say, "I want snow!"  


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