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Fall is here and it's time to do some harvesting!  We're not talking about getting your hands dirty in the dirt while digging up the potatoes - our focus is on what's hot on Etsy!  We'll be curating theme based Etsy shopping guides to make navigating the diverse world of Etsy really e.a.s.y.  We hear you when you say that you love Etsy, but often get overwhelmed when trying to locate quality shops.  As individual shop owners, we spend a lot of time 'harvesting' and collecting our favorite Etsy finds so you don't have to.  Think of us as your personal shoppers - someone to take you inside Etsy and show you around.  Our monthly Elite16 style guide challenge is an opportunity for us to share our favorite items with you in a mini gallery setting using an Etsy tool called a 'treasury'.  The Etsy treasury system makes shopping fun and our group of talented shopping guide curators will be using the theme Harvest Your Style for inspiration this month. 

Starting next month, our Etsy style guide challenge will start on the 16th of every month.  There are 16 slots in an Etsy treasury and this is where we got the inspiration for our name Elite16.  Want to get started?  Click here to start shopping and find all of our 'elite' collections!  


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