Dorm Wars on Etsy | On Campus vs. Off Campus

Can you believe it's August? I can with our sweltering heat. August has never been my favorite month for two reasons.
1. In Texas, it's just plain HOT. The type of heat where the AC must be on and fans are a must have. Go outside and it's even hot before the sun comes up.
2. Back to School. It's been a few years since I have had to fill up my backpack and go and buy some used text books and I can't say I really miss it. If only Etsy had existed when I was college student!

I feel that I was pretty lucky back in my college days to have lived off campus. I started my college life in an apartment about a mile from campus and I never looked back. 

For those living ON campus, Caroline from a Dark Ride shares her Dorm Style.

Basic Black +  a Pop of Color

1. Vintage Desk Lamp | LoVintageFinds
2. Porcelain Pendant | LandMStudio
3. Tote Bag | BayanHippo
4. Vintage Quilt | PaisleyMagic
5. iPhone 4 case | AmandaRaeK
6. Vintage Alarm Clock  | TimelessFindsVintage
7. Air Plant Pod | seaandasters

Whether you live on or off campus the key to making your new space work is making it feel like home.  Etsy makes it easy to take your space and make it your own and on a student budget no less. Being stylish doesn't mean spending lots of money. Always invest in solid basics (couch, bed, dining table) and then have fun with your accent pieces and accessories.

Jenn of Palimpsestic takes us OFF campus to a studio apartment.

A hint of mid century elements + red, white and blue palette keep it fresh and inviting.

1.  Vintage Eames Chairs | castandcrew
2.  Pendant Light | FiligreeCreations
3.  Desk Caddy | TheDesignPallet
4. Blue Car | TheParisPrintShop
5.  Mail and Key Holder | PigandFish
6. Letterpress Coasters | redbirdink
7. Screen Printed Pillow Cover | ClothandINK

So who won this Dorm War? I think both options are great since they are budget friendly + transitional. Both of these designs can evolve with you as you hone your decor style.  I can't stress enough how helpful Etsy + non-dialup internet would have been back when I was a freshman.
Remember the most important thing in design + decor is have fun!



  1. wow- what great spaces these would make!

  2. Dorm Wars! LOL I see a new reality TV show in the making ;-) Great feature! Thank you very much for including my selections!

  3. I love both these collections. I was always an off campus girl but that's just how college life is in the UK.
    I'm not sure I was ever this cool in college though :)
    Great collections Jenn and Caroline!

  4. What a wonderful collections!! Love it!

  5. This is awesome! I always lived off campus, but would have been thrilled with either of these looks!

  6. Fantastic post Amber, if only I'd made my university room this stylish!


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