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There are so many different choices when it comes to fashion + it all boils down to how you choose to express yourself.  Sure, we all have days when it's all about the bedhead + PJ's until noon - but we're talking about those days when you have to wash up + look proper.  Would you say that your style is conservative, classic, casual, modern, vintage, eclectic or a creative layering of it all!  Caroline & Marjoca of Etsy shop Von Bingen  are 2 independent fashion designers out of Amsterdam, Holland.  Their tag line "costumes for life" sums up their philosophy that fashion is a creative tool for expressing oneself.  They are inspired by "the old women of Staphorst (little Dutch village), who keep their, sometimes more then 200 years old, 'kraplappen' in shape by sewing bits and pieces together. We also like the Japanese culture. We share the perfectionism and their love for detail."  Get inspired + express yourself!

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