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As the summer sun sets in the evening, it brushes the landscape in pockets of light with a warm, amber glow.  It doesn't last long, but it fills you with a sense of calm + well being.  By selective placement of interior lights, once can achieve this same sense of peace in the home environment.  Not sure how to create this look in your home?  Let us introduce you to Luke of LukeLampCo - the designer, maker, operations manager, and graphic designer behind this light filled Etsy shop!  Home lighting doesn't have to be boring + predictable - we're moving beyond a standard table lamp with a shade.  Luke infuses each and every one of his pieces with whit, whimsy + rustic charm to craft lighting decor highlights in your home.  He enjoys using salvaged materials and arranges them in distinct ways, leaving you with the feeling, "Wow, that's really cool!"  And do you love his Marconi filament bulb - they're included and finish off the experience of his work.  Invite that saturated evening summer light into your home with a lighting decor piece that doubles as a piece of art!  Enjoy!

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  1. Love your work, so glad that you have joined us !!!

  2. Thanks so much! This feature is great, thanks for all the awesome feedback! This team is one of the best on Etsy, it is a great environment to be in, and the teammates are so nice. Thanks again,

  3. Sp fun to read this, and get to know you a bit!

  4. Love your shop, Luke, and your featured seller article was just the cutest thing ever. Glad to have you on the team.


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