An Introduction: Etsy Shop Little Flower Soap Co.

Soap + body care products are both things that we can all relate to.  You probably don't think about how many times you use soap everyday, but if you did - you might be surprised by your calculations.  And what about lip balm or hand cream?  Part of your daily routine, right?  Then why not make those moments count by using products that are not only handmade, but made with ingredients that you can pronounce + identify!  All natural ingredients that simply smell delicious + uplift your mood.  And please don't say you use Irish Spring Soap in the shower because you're really missing out on the luxury of au naturel!  Come meet Holly, owner of Etsy shop The Little Flower Soap Co.  She divides her creative energies between her wedding floral design business Sweet Pea Floral Design and her soap business.   Holly uses an heirloom cold process soap recipe without any of the 'junk' and infuses all her creations with her love of flowers, herbs + nature.   Lavender lemongrass soap, coffee lip balm, all natural muscle rescue balm?  Oh my - which will become your favorite?  One of each, please!

Little Flower Soap Co. + Important Links:
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  1. Aw Shucks you made me blush :) Thank you for the kind feature!! ~Holly

  2. Welcome! That "rosemary lemon mint" bar on top sounds absolutely heavenly.. great shop!

  3. Welcome to the team!

  4. so glad to have you join us! welcome!

  5. Welcome, Holly! Your website is fantastic!

  6. Lovely shop!
    Welcome to the Elite16!


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