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marjoram seeds
buttercrunch bibb lettuce seeds
colorful carrot heirloom seed mix
organic heirloom seed six pack
german chamomile herb seeds

Have you ever experienced the wonder of planting a small, little seed into the ground?  It's quite magical to watch this tiny seed emerge from the soil + grow into a mature plant.  Etsy shop Cubit's understands the wonders of this cycle as they are seed aficionados!   What does that mean?  It means they are passionate about offering high quality, untreated, organically grown seeds with a focus on rare + heirloom seeds.  Seeds with history, seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Husk or Ground Cherries can be traced back to records from 1837 and now you can grow a little piece of history with Cubit's Organic Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry seeds - an organic variety that originated in Poland.  If you want to taste the most amazing burst of flavor in your mouth, plant these gems + be ready to say... "WOW!"  Based out of Toronto, Cubit's is devoted not only to offering only the best quality seeds, but they are committed to using "...environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our business operations and general day to day life. We use recycled packaging, non toxic glues, all of our printed matter is on recycled paper and we emphasize local suppliers."  So get your garden clogs out, dust off your garden gloves + get ready to have the best garden yet with the help of Cubit's!  What will you grow this year?

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  1. I'll take one of everything in their shop!

    and welcome

  2. Welcome! Now I can't wait until it is warm enough to start my little veggie garden. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  3. So pleased that you have joined us !!! Your photos are wonderful- I love it all.

  4. I am so thrilled to be joining your team and look forward to working with everyone. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  5. Love, love, love your shop! Glad to see you here!

  6. Great feature! Looking forward to working with you again ;-)

  7. Happy to see you here! I'm inspired to dig in the dirt now!

  8. Fantastic! Welcome to the team!

  9. What a great shop! Welcome Cubit's


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