Spring Fashion Trend: Feather + Chevron

1. Sky Feathers Archival Print by River Luna
2. Dark Silver Leaf Ring by Roots Jewelry
3. Chevron Screenprinted Skirt by As Bold As Lions
4. Long Silver Feather Necklace by Lunar Belle
5. Yellow Chevron Frame by Mmim

One exciting thing about Spring and the start of a season are the new and fresh trends.  Although not a brand new trend for this season, the bohemian + tribal mix of feathers and chevrons is still one of my current favorites. I love that you can incorporate this trend easily into your wardrobe or home.  It's the perfect blend of natural elements and modern style.  This trend can be worn alone, like that simple arrow/chevron silver band by Roots Jewelry. You could also mix that screen printed chevron skirt (As Bold as Lions) with those silver feather necklace from Lunar Belle. I would love to have that feather print and chevron picture frame mixed into a wall display in my own home. Have fun with this trend and remember to keep it simple!


  1. Lovely post! Thank you for including my frame! :)

  2. I love chevrons also! Thank you so much!

  3. Absolutely fab :)These items are great together!

    Thanks for featuring my skirt :)

  4. Great post Amber! I'm loving both of these trends this season!

  5. Great post, I love all the tribal elements around right now.


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