An Elite Sixteen Find: Etsy Shop River Luna

New shops are joining Etsy daily + we enjoy searching through the list for just that one that catches our eye!  RiverLuna is such a shop - based out of California, Marisa's shop is filled with nature inspired art.  Through her use of lines + delicate patterns, Marisa echos the natural beauty that surrounds her.  Translating images through colorful designs, she captures what feels like a secret story hidden within the objects she paints.  Emerging from a feather, we find a motif that is unique + full of detail - drawing you in + making you want to linger as you observe + study each line.  Marisa offers both originals + affordable archival prints in her Etsy shop, so you'll be sure to find something special to bring home + love.   

Current Shop Favorites:
1. Hand Painted Heart + Woven Stone Set $50
2. Feather Note Cards + Envelopes Qty 6 $12
3. The Forest Grew On - Original Watercolor Painting $80
4. Eight Wishes- Archival 11x14 print $40


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