Sweets for your Sweetie

top left, A Little Box of Valentine's Day Cookies by whimsyandspice
top right, Dotted 23k Gold Mug by baileydoesntbark
bottom left, Cream & Sugar Set by PigeonToeCeramics
bottom right, 1LB Organic Roasted Brazil Fazenda Colina Coffee by HomesteadingRoasters

Really?  Well... sort of.  Why can't you have the best of both worlds?  Now you can!  We've hand selected 4 items fresh off of Etsy for the ultimate Valentine's Day gift set!  We all know that good coffee starts with the beans, so splurge on some organic coffee beans prepared in Alaska by Homesteading Roasters.  They suggest a medium-dark roast for this straightforward cup to bring out the smooth milk chocolate - fill your home with this delicious aroma!   Next, you need to get rid of that coffee stained mug - we don't care if it's your absolute favorite, there's no room for serving gourmet coffee in a crusty vessel.  We're going to upgrade the whole experience of drinking coffee by serving it in a beautiful porcelain mug by Baily Doesn't Bark.  The delicate golden details will sparkle every time you take a slow sip of hot coffee.  Oh, and don't even think about pulling out the cream container and the big clunky sugar jar.  What?  Your sugar still lives in the plastic bag it came in??  This is getting serious!

Thank goodness for the modern designs of Pigeon Toe Ceramics!  You won't be able to remember the last time you had so much fun putting cream + sugar in your coffee.  We're long time fans of their minimal designs + this condiment set is a must have for our Valentine's Day coffee gift set!  The coffee has been made, poured + cream stirred in.  What's missing?  Cookies!  Look no further than Whimsy + Spice out of Brooklyn, NY for all your sweet tooth cravings.  They've made gift giving very easy with their little box of Valentine's Day cookies, filled with little treats!       

So, there you have it.  Put together the 2 things you love the most this Valentine's Day - coffee + your sweetie! 


  1. This is divine! I've sent a link to my fiance - I hope he gets the subtle hint!

  2. This is just wonderful! Thank you for featuring my roasted coffee - your description is lovely (I should get you to write my ads)!


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