An Elite 16 Welcome: Carolyn Cochrane

Carolyn's minimalistic style caught our eye.  We were drawn to her use of color and the different moods created - her photography celebrates the simple and uncomplicated beauty of nature.   In Carolyn's words, "I am smitten with the process of digitally enhancing my images. Creating different moods through the use of color, light and texture is the best form of expression I've ever found. A little piece of my heart and soul is in each image I create. I especially LOVE colors and the moods they evoke. To me enhancing the color in my images is like painting, but without the mess!"  Please give a warm Elite 16 welcome to CarolynCochrane!   

Current Shop Favorites: 
1.  "Just Breathe" Grass Photography  $30
2.  "Allure" Nature Photo  $30
3.  "Tender" Nature Photo  $33
4.  "Warm Breeze" Beach Photo  $33


  1. SO beautiful

    - william/usedandabused

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I'm so happy to be a part of this team! :)

  3. so calming and dreamy colors! great job Carolyn!

  4. Beautiful images - I loved your shop the moment I first came across it Caroline!

  5. welcome!!
    love your work :)


  6. welcome! your photos are so serene and lovely to look at! love your shop!


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